Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand

Greatway Language Institute, we are a trusted brand for overseas (abroad) education and we represent officially in colleges from New Zealand and ensure 100% satisfaction.

Why Study in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a unique approach to education. It encourages thinking outside the box and promotes finding own solutions, thus proving why study in New Zealand. It has unique strengths.

Courses in New Zealand

There are a range of certificate programs, besides the bachelors and masters degrees, such that they lead to higher degrees and diplomas. The courses and programs offered here are highly ranked on global levels. Specific qualifications such as Graduate Diplomas and Honors are also offered. We, New Zealand immigration consultants will guide you through all the courses.

About Colleges in New Zealand

New Zealand ensures quality education. There are 8 universities and the best colleges in New Zealand offering quality education. The University of Auckland, Otago has been listed in the World University rankings in 2012/13. The others include University of Canterbury, Massey University, Victoria University of Wellington and University of Waikato.

Work Opportunity in New Zealand

Earn while you study in New Zealand is entertained such that it helps students budget. Students can work for 20 hours a week during holiday and semester. This helps earning money and you can stay integrated with new people.



S.No Name Location
1 Auckland Wise College(AWI) Auckalnd
2 UUNZ Auckalnd
3 Queens Academic Group
4 Raffles Design Institute Auckalnd
5 International College of Linguistics (ICL) Auckalnd
6 Cornell Auckalnd
7 Quantum Education Group Auckalnd
8 New Zealand Academy of Studies (NZAS) Auckalnd
9 New Zealand Management Academics (NZMA) Auckalnd
10 Regent Auckalnd
11 International Linguistic College Auckalnd
13 Oxford International Academy
14 North Shore International Academy Auckalnd
15 Edenz Auckalnd
16 New Zealand Institute of Education Auckland, Manukau,Takapuna
17 NZIOS Auckland